Handblown Custom Glass Art in Austin, Texas

JFR Glass offers unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-made glass. Specializing in modern glass blowing techniques, each piece is individually transformed from a molten gob into a work of art. Discover more!



Vases & Bowls

Vases & Bowls



Custom Pieces

Custom Pieces

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The Start

Clear, soda-lime glass, is gathered out of a furnace at 2150 degrees Fahrenheit. Once carefully shaped into a round smooth form, a bubble is introduced to the glass via the breath of the artist.

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The Mold

To achieve a consistent shape, the hot glass bubble is dropped into a hand-carved wooden turn mold.  

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The Finish

Once out of the mold, the glass is meticulously opened, color is applied, and the bottom is marked with a signature stamp.

“My boss absolutely LOVED THEM!!!!. And he was very surprised! It was a Big hit!”
— Lorie Foster (New Brighton, Pennsylvania)

As Seen In

“I love these glasses. They literally bring me joy.”
— Joan Cooper (Moorestown, New Jersey)